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New York Pizza & Bar

Whenever a new pizza joint opens in Seattle the forces of justice turn their giant spotlight to the sky, just south of the Space Needle for the uninitiated, and Natasha and I rush to the scene of the crust for immediate situational analysis.

Such was the case last week when we were notified that the New York Pizza and Bar had opened a Seattle location. The sneaky folks at NYPB have restaurants in Bellingham and Lynden, but our jurisdiction over pepperoni only extends to the city limits, so we were eagerly awaiting the new location at 500 Mercer st. I make note that this is across the street from the Gates Foundation, and suspect that Bill may have had a hand in the planning.Normally parking in this area can be a problem, but the free underground parking and private elevator up to the restaurant solve any issues that might arise.

New York Pizza specializes in gourmet pizzas, burgers,and martinis in a family friendly atmosphere that turns into a full fledged night club bar at dusk. While the entrance touts the sports bar and lunch specials, once inside it is very clear that this place is all about the food and whatever drink matches your fancy. When I walked around to take a peek after we ordered I saw at least three different large seating areas, with the central area sporting a beautiful glowing yellow bar that can only be intended for serious mixology.

Since our visit took place in the middle of the afternoon, we decided to just order a group of appetizers so we could sample as many different flavors as possible. Lucky for us, NYPB has two happy hours every day of the week–one from 2-6, and another from 9-close.

The Bruschetta was robust and aromatic and the bread it rested on was crisp and fresh. The calamari was my favorite dish of the day, as it often is when we dine, but this dish had a very sweet balsamic vinegar glaze that made it unlike any squid I had ever tasted. The grape tomatoes added the perfect counterpoint to the sweetness. I would definitely order this again.

I have to admit that I lost my pizza jones around the time I turned forty, however Natasha’s quest for the holy pepperoni grail pretty much makes up for my lackluster interest. Not only can she tell you how well made a pizza is by the quality of the the salami, she can spot a real crust from across the dining room. So of course, we had the pepperoni pizza (the Manhattan). The pie was delicious, as were each of the appetizers, and the service and was friendly and attentive.

The wait for this opening was well worth it, and I am certain we will be visiting again soon, if only to test the quality of the cherry popper martini.

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