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Macrina Bakery

This week’s Happy Cookie Friday is brought to you by Macrina Bakery on Queen Anne. The very first thing that I liked about Macrina is that their hours are 7-7. I understand that baked goods need to be prepared and baked to be sold fresh daily, but throw a working girl a bone here. 7:00 is perfectly respectable, although 10:00 would be even better.

Probably the first time I noticed Macrina is when the counter girl at DeLaurenti told me that their pastries come from both LePanier and Macrina. After missing out on about three other bakeries, I was able to turn the second degree of separation bona fide by finding the cafe on McGraw still open. And they had lots of gorgeous goods on display.

But! I was there for the cookies. And maybe a brownie. And possibly a cupcake. Yay!

That stack o’cookies contains a ginger molasses, peanut butter puffy (I added the puffy part, because damn, that’s the puffiest peanut butter cookie I’ve ever seen), chocolate oat peanut butter chip, and the little fella on the right is a mezza luna.

The big cookies are $1.8/each, and they’re worth it. The top cookie, chocolate oat peanut butter chip, was my favorite. Great texture, wonderful chewyness, and the flavor was different than most chocolate chip cookies. I love oatmeal chocolate chip without the presence of cinnamon. Good stuff. The peanut butter was different as well, much thicker than most.

I did like the little peanut butter chips. Just as I type that, I realized what the main difference probably is. Macrina cookies aren’t as sweet as most cookies.

The ginger molasses had the best texture. A lovely crunchewy consistency. Highly recommended, and I don’t usually go for the gingers.

The caramel turtle brownie ($3.5) and the whisper cupcake. What’s a whisper cupcake? White chocolate cake, raspberry filling, and a cream cheese frosting.

If the frosting would’ve been a vanilla buttercream, I would’ve called it my new favorite.

The layer of caramel on this brownie is obscene. The bakers at Macrina obviously have no shame. I didn’t have any as I licked off a gob of caramel, so shamelessness can be a good thing.

Happy Cookie Friday, man.

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