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The Essential Bakery

The Essential Bakery Cafe in Madison Park is a loverly place to visit on a sunny Spring afternoon. Especially if you’re looking for a cookie to satisfy your regular Friday craving. It was a toss up between the sable cookie and the macaroon.

Normally the macaroon wouldn’t tempt me because coconut isn’t my favorite. However, when you put de lime on de coconut and you toast it all together, it’s a whole new ballgame. And while there was no lime on this macaroon, it was toasted a brilliant golden, caramelized brown that promised bursts of flavorful pleasure in each bite. And they’re dipped in chocolate.

In addition to the macaroon, I couldn’t resist a prettily powdered slice of something called “bostock.” Whatsit? It’s a “thick slice of brioche dipped in simple syrup, slathered with almond paste and almond slices, then baked for a rich, caramelized flavor and dusted with powdered sugar.” I blame Bakery Nouveau for turning me on to all things almond paste.

When faced with the dilemma of choosing, the only choice is not to. Eat a big bite of both and nobody gets their feelings hurt.

The bostock was like a crunchy almond toast that would’ve been great dipped into a hot mocha. It’s no almond croissant from BN, but it is very good if you don’t feel like driving across town.

This is probably the best macaroon I’ve ever tasted. The toasted coconut and sweet innards is a spectacular ball of chewy, gooey wonderful. The dark chocolate bottom was just enough not to overwhelm the cookie and cut the sweetness just right.

Below are a couple of fancy fruity fizzies called Izzes and Limonatas sat in a cold case near the door, but I’ve never been one to drink my calories–why waste calories when I could have another cookie? Get yourself to the Essential and eat a macaroon as soon as possible, and while you’re there, check out the bostock. Next time I’m going for the raspberry sable.

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